Uploading lists and suppressions


Does anyone know how to identify which contacts have been suppressed when uploading a new list?  We want to be able to identify who on an event invite list won't receive an email (either because they have unbsubsribed or bounced) and be able to do this on a campaign by campaign basis without having to manual de-dupe our starting list with the overall suppressions list.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Amanda, welcome to the forums! This is one on our list to address - being able to identify which subscribers weren't imported and why. At present, you'll have to manually de-dupe, I'm sorry to say - in the future we'll certainly look at how this can be avoided. I've added your vote for itemizing which addresses aren't imported and will let you know if this is something we add in the future. Thank you for your patience with us!

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