No margins or padding in sidebars, text boxes and headers

The content in my template is hard up against either side of the left sidebar, and right Table of Contents sidebar.

In addition, the main (middle) text box, is also hard up against the left side, but does not use the whole space, confining itself to the left half of the space available.

Headers are similarly without any margins or padding and are displaying hard left.

All of thes issues are obviously both in the template itself and in the email version I have sent myself in Outlook

There is no apparent code defining margins or padding in either sidebars, main content frame or headers.
Any help greatly appreciated - thanks so much.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi MareaCAP, welcome to the forums! This is usually caused by something in the content pushing out the usual width of the email. Instead of using margins and padding in the email templates, we've used columns to preserve padding, however these tend to collapse in Outlook if something (usually a long URL or image) pushes against it.

You may want to try removing the images in the body first to see if its one of them collapsing the design - if not, by all means post your code / a link to your webversion here and we'll happily take a look.

Thanks, MareaCAP - all the best!

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MareaCAP, 5 years ago

Fantastic. I'll check it out and will post the url to web version if still not working!

Thanks so much.

MareaCAP, 5 years ago

OK - tried making the Header image smaller (as this was relatively large before), and inserted a small version - which is now not showing up.

Same problem remains re the margins/ use of space. Please see web version:

Also, I need to include a table of info at the bottom of my document. Any suggestions? Thanks again. Loving your helpful service!

MareaCAP, 5 years ago

Oops - think the whole URL didn't get copied. Here it is again.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Mareacap, what was breaking the design was the long URL that had been pasted in, I made this into a link in the text and the template was restored. You can view it here.

To include a table of info, you may either want to add a full-width image to the centre column, or export the template and add a custom layout for this task. Note that the latter may require a little HTML email coding skill, so you may want to consult a confident coder to assist with this. All the best!

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