What can we add or improve in 2012?

Hi everyone! After our good run with last year's thread, I'd like to open a new place for this year's suggestions.

Here was what we added/tweaked in 2011:

- Template Builder
- Worldview
- Massive editor update
- Social Sharing
- Facebook App
- New Subscriber Snapshot
- Big API Update
- A squillion UI and app workflow improvements

All of these were items resulted directly from customer suggestions and feedback - you can make a difference! So get fired up and add to this thread what you would like to see in Campaign Monitor land in 2012.

PG, 5 years ago

1.- We sometimes have requests from non english speaking customers.
Today it is not really possible to provide access to the Reports page.
Having at least the "Reports" pages translated in other languages would be appreciated.

2.- Having "Email Client Usage" data available through the API would also be interesting.


VFHwebdev, 5 years ago

I think the segment builder could use some attention. See my post here: http://www.campaignmonitor.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=6577

Also I'd love to be able to exclude segments or lists when sending a message. That way I could send a message to everyone on list A but exclude anyone in segment B.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi PG, welcome to the forums! That's a good call - we've looked at localizing the app in the past, but to be frank, it's a challenge - not only would we have to translate the interface, but provide multi-lingual support and a good customer experience to non-English speaking customers. I'll certainly pass on your feedback and keep you posted if it's something we consider, though :D

No worries about Email Client Usage data via the API - this one is certainly a possibility. Thank you for your great feedback, I'll keep you posted if we progress on either task :)

Hi VFHwebdev, it's great to hear from you :) I agree, it's high time we gave the segment builder a re-visit, thank you! I'll pass this on and let you know if it's something we work on in the future.

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Y7NcIz09p2N4ZULh, 5 years ago

Add voting for features to this forum!

Ref: Zendesk, GetSatisfaction, Etc..

Y7NcIz09p2N4ZULh, 5 years ago


Add tiered account-level permissions (ACL): certain accounts can access and edit the full template, others can only edit and compose with a certain subset of the template's modules. This would work great with my corporate clients who have users with different roles. A very basic ACL and additional CM markup tags to distinguish between what degree of access certain accounts have to edit a specific module would be great.

Y7NcIz09p2N4ZULh, 5 years ago


Extend the customization capabilities of the CM user interface as a white-label feature.

I'd love to have #XXXXXX hex color choices, transparent backgrounds and a custom footer WYSIWYG editor.

(for me, the custom footers would allow for some fancy dynamic iframing with a bit of javascript ...a must have for us when incorporating CM into our existing site)

Y7NcIz09p2N4ZULh, 5 years ago


Cheaper prices! ...or an updated pricing framework. MailChimp (CM's closest competitor) now has something akin to custom module templates, so CM doesn't have a feature monopoly in this category. MailChimp's prices are more competitive than CM's from a reseller's perspective. As a reseller of CM, we need a more competitive margin to upsell on. Given that cloud computing email-as-a-service is dirt cheap, there should be plenty of margin for CM to sacrifice in return for greater market saturation, while throwing the resellers at the core of their business a bone.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hello Y7NcIz09p2N4ZULh (excuse my pronunciation), welcome to the forums! Wow, this is a bit of feedback, but I'll do my best to respond.

Add voting for features to this forum!

The reason why we haven't set this up is to manage expectations. We don't necessarily add new features based on popular demand (a lot of the stuff we work on is behind-the-scenes, or outside of what's been requested), so we've been concerned that setting up poll-like voting could potentially give our customers the wrong impression of what's next on our radar. It's something we'll certainly keep considering, though.

Add tiered account-level permissions

This one is certainly on the list - thank you for noting your interest in this! We'll certainly keep you posted if it's something we progress on.

Extend the customization capabilities of the CM user interface as a white-label feature.

Ah, another one we'd love to see - thanks for the solid suggestion!

Cheaper prices! ...or an updated pricing framework.

While we're certainly sensitive to remaining price-competitive, we really hope that many of the new features and improvements we've introduced in the last 12 months (and will be introducing in the next 12) keep us positioned as a value for money service. We'll certainly let you know if we offer new rates for resellers, but for the time being, our focus is really on ensuring you get more bang for your buck by providing your clients with a good app experience, easy-to-use editing tools and reliable service.

Thanks for all your feedback, we really appreciate you helping us out here!

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djwhisky, 5 years ago

I've already mentioned segments here:

Also improved user functionality too - with different users and roles per client - would be fantastic!

Oh also - an way of logging a customer on through the API and then passing a token over in the URL (or something like that) - that way we could link them off from our admin site without them needing another username/password combo.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi djwhiskey, always great to hear from you! I've just given multiple users a nudge on your behalf - thank you! Now that's interesting about authentication on your end, we don't get that requested so much, but it's got us stroking our beards... Or whatever the lady equivalent is. I'll jot that one up and get back to you if it's something we work on. Thanks again for your great feedback!

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theairdgroup, 5 years ago

Just seen the new thread, awesome! (I posted in the 2011 by accident!)

My suggestions were to add my vote for nested repeater tags as well as have the ability to rearrange them in the editor.

Thanks :)

djwhisky, 5 years ago

@roshodgekiss I guess the ideal would be to be able to do the authentication redirect but also then iframe portions of CM so that it could fit well into our existing content management systems and provide a seamless experience for the end user... so I guess this would mean losing all the header and footer nav etc or maybe giving us more CSS control over how it all looks?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi theairdgroup, welcome to the forums! Just to clarify, do you want to move editable regions from one repeater to the next? Will add your vote for nested repeaters here and keep you posted, no sweat :)

djwhisky, gotcha. I'll add this to our notes and let you know if it's a case we accommodate for. There have been a couple of votes already for a more rebrandable interface, so you never know :)

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xport.de, 5 years ago

+1 for nested repeaters
+1 for different users and roles per client
+1 for localized backend

And what about filtering the billing history? Filtering by client, by payment (credits or monthly plan), by date range would help us a lot as we charge the clients via our billing system included in our agency software and therefore need the billing details by client. Maybe that functionality already exists and I just didn't find it?

Another big issue for us: if/then functionality, at least regarding the salutation. As you'll already know, german salutation depends on the gender of the recepient. Male recipients get "Lieber Herr XXX", female recipients get "Liebe Frau XXX". Our workaround is to build a custom field containing the full salutation before submitting the subscription to CM - depending on which data the subscriber has provided (name and/or salutation/gender) we put together a custom field - e.g. "Liebe Frau Müller", "Lieber Herr Schmidt" or "Liebe Gäste" (if neither name or salutation provided).

It would be great if we could check the custom fields in the template just like this:
if ((salutation="Herr") AND (lastname is not empty)) {
  echo "Lieber" + salutation + lastname
} else {
check the same for female recipients or echo neutral salutation

Nevertheless CampaignMonitor is a really cool piece of software and we love to work with your tool!

juanlacueva, 5 years ago

+1 for different users and roles per client
+1 for features voting system (I even volunteer to do it myself)

My proposal:
Being able to map updatemyprofile.com and other system links accessed by subscribers to an authenticated domain in the account (to be 100% "brandable" )

I send email for a very famous company with a dedicated domain with the brand name. We want to tell the subscriber to update their profile but having them redirected to updatemyprofile.com instead brandname.com is just not acceptable for the end user experience. We are selling this a a branded service so even if googling updatemyprofile.com won't reveal it's a Campaign Monitor right away, it's not that hard to find out.
Still, the worst part if for the end user experience. Users are told all the time they should check the domain they are browsing when entering personal data so, even it's a minority many users would not trust that white label website.
Also, being able to theme those pages with a header and footer would be awesome.

And BTW: +1 for Campaign Monitor to stop using any GoDaddy service, they stink :P

jodygibbons, 5 years ago

Hi all,

Have Campaign Monitor got any plans for introducing a CreatSend app? Something whereby you can send emails and track their results on a snapshot type level? It would be handy of your out of the office.


Schwabe, 5 years ago

You guys should really implement this feature, it has been requested several times:


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi xport.de, thank you for your votes here - I've recorded them all and will let you know if and when they get added to future releases. The request for more detailed billing history is very relevant, however you can export your billing history as a CSV and then filter it by date, client and payment time in the spreadsheet software of your choice: 


Certainly open to the idea of adding conditional content for the better handling of salutations and more - thank you! We get a few requests for this, so I'll certainly let you know if it's one for the list. Thank you for all your support! :D

juanlacueva, no sweat, I'll add your vote for multiple logins/permissions. I appreciate you offering your time on a voting system, but as I mentioned above, all votes and feedback are recorded internally. Second, there isn't a direct relationship between votes and what we'll actually work on next, so we wouldn't want people to get the wrong impression of what our priorities are.

I'm totally keen to see what we can do in terms of providing customizable domains and better rebranding of our forwardtoafriend pages, preference center and more. Thank you for your feedback here!

Note that we are currently in the process of transitioning our domains to another provider. All our main domains are already hosted elsewhere, with a view of totally moving away from GoDaddy in the near future. Personally, I'm with NameCheap :)

jodygibbons, you can view your campaign reports on your mobile device. Is this what you mean by a CreateSend app?

Schwabe, we're certainly considering custom domains for clients. Thanks for your request - we'll certainly keep you posted on this one!

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Textello, 5 years ago

+1 for user roles/ACL/more than one password shared between three departments and six co-workers.
+1 for a German interface. It's for our customers, not for us. So we won't bother you / expect you to answer us in German ;)

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Thanks Textello, I'll certainly add your vote for these! Note that we've always been a little concerned about getting support requests in German (haha!), but I'll certainly raise this as something for 'clients only' :)

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masseym, 5 years ago

I would LOVE to see enhanced lists.  One MAJOR NEED we have is the ability to EXCLUDE a list.  Here is my example:

We do emails for tradeshows.  We send a lot to our lists about the upcoming show and we send some to our currently registered people.  We don’t want people who are already registered to get the "please register" emails.

In CM, we have [2012 registrants] and then our other lists.  Once someone registers, we add them to the [2012 registrants] list.  We would like to be able to send a "Please Register" email to [All Lists], but EXCLUDE [2012 registrants]. 

That would be HUGE for us!  Otherwise, LOVE the product!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Welcome to the forums, masseym! I'll happily add your vote for this, thank you! In the interim, you may want to create a custom field for 'Year Registered', then create a segment, 'Year Registered' Does not equal '2012'.

Thanks again for your feedback, we'll keep you posted on this one :D

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uniquesystems uniquesystems, 5 years ago

The one feature that IF added would instantly send a massive influx of new customers to campaign monitor is this:

An Automatic Subscriber Removal Trigger.

This feature can be found in several other email marketing provider platforms, which makes it actually quite shocking to not find here given how simple a feature it is...

Basically this is how the feature works (and why its so vital to many businesses):

1. Company XYZ is building their list of leads by marketing a free widget (report, video, etc.) in order to get PROSPECTIVE customers on to their list.

2. Company XYZ then send out weekly campaigns to this PROSPECT list with additional resources and content, and at the end of each email they ask the PROSPECT to take action and become a paying CUSTOMER.

3. Company XYZ does such an incredible job impressing the PROSPECT that the PROSPECT ends up buying the product or service from Company XYZ.

** Upon purchasing from Company XYZ the PROSPECT is then placed on the CUSTOMER mailing list and is AUTOMATICALLY unsubscribed from the PROSPECT list because they no longer need to be convinced how great and wonderful Company XYZ's product or service is (and to continue sending what appears to be personalized emails to them regarding such information would now become annoying / insulting as they have already made a decision to buy) **

4. Company XYZ then begins sending DIFFERENT emails related to the customer experience to their new CUSTOMER and proceeds to recommend additional products and services for sale that enhance the use of what the customer just purchased (emails that a prospect would not benefit from, hence the separate list for customers)

This is just one example, but essentially when you have hundreds or thousands of leads coming in daily...and then are actively trying to get those leads to make a purchase...to continue sending those leads emails for them to buy AFTER they bought makes no sense.

It is also not practical to MANUALLY unsubscribe each new customer from the lead list when you are talking about dozens or hundreds of leads every day. (for the bigger emailing lists).

As you can see there is no permission issues etc. because you are not ADDING them to NEW lists without their consent, but you are actively removing them from existing lists once they are no longer suitable for the content which would be sent to them (which would also reduce spam complaints).

While I'm sure this is a feature that could be accomplished by spending thousands of dollars paying a third party programmer to do, it would be much better if Campaign Monitor simply included it as a basic feature for customers.

Does my explanation make sense?

I know for our own marketing agency, we've been using a different well known email marketing platform for our clients just because of the automatic removal ability for leads transitioning into paying customers. (or even those moving to a new stage in the buying process)

What we do love about CM is the white label aspect, the ease of importing, and the ability to manage all clients from one account (vs each needing to be logged in to separately).

I know other marketing agencies would quickly bring their clients over if CM implemented this feature as well (as can be viewed on what very popular marketing forum for "Warriors") which currently recommend a different platform for similar reasons.

Would love to hear feedback on this suggestion either way. I'm sure a programmer could easily have this setup within a short period of time since the manual process already exists, it would just be a matter of checking if certain conditions exist (New Subscriber joins List A -> If Subscriber is on List B remove Subscriber from List B -> If not already on List B, no action required)



roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Dexx, thank you for your great feedback and welcome to the forums! We've certainly considered these behavioural workflows, so I'm absolutely happy to add your vote for this. As you mention, it is possible to code up something similar using our API and it's likely now that much of this can be achieved using Hubspot, since their acquisition of Performable. But I agree, it certainly would be powerful functionality to add, so I'll keep you posted on this one.

Thanks Dexx - keep up the great suggestions!

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