Featured: How can we help you win more clients?

As I posted on the blog, we want to hear you ideas for what we could do to help you get more clients using  Campaign Monitor. It might be a resource we could add for you to use, a new feature, a change to the way something works, or anything at all you think could help.

On Friday the 11th April we'll select from all the valid entries (no bumps!) and send the poster a t-shirt and some email credits. So have a think, we'll be looking for useful ideas and suggestions from you all, and the whole team will be reading your posts here.

How can Campaign Monitor help you win more clients?

style campaign style campaign, 9 years ago

Hi Mathew,

my number one feature request that would help me win more clients would be..... a video I could post on my site with an overview of Campaign Monitors features. The two selling points that always get potential clients interested are, the great reports and the design and Spam testing.

Right now I have lots of screen shots and dull text on my site that few people bother to look at! If these features were summed up in an easy to digest web video I would be one happy Campaign Monitor user :)

butterfly X butterfly X, 9 years ago

Thanks for the opportunity to share my feature request with you, which would help me to get more customers for email marketing.

What would really help me, is some kind of CRM and email-marketing automatisation.

There are a lot of webbased CRM's out there, but most of them are far to complex to work with for SMB's who have other priorities. And most times, they dont see the need for it, as leads are in their heads and adresses in their mail clients. Here it is where CM comes into the game: that the adresses are needed to send people emails, every customer understand and with the new detailed tracking for each email adress it is a first step into this direction. What I'm thinking about is not a complex application, but mainly a simple form where you can set interest on a per user base (which the customer gained for example in a phone call) which is reflected in segments. Addtionally a form to put the additional postal address information into it would be needed. An export in csv does already exist. All this in a reduced frontend like the customer reports, which are already a big, big plus.

The second helpfull feature would be some advanced email-marketing automatisation features, like trigger mails (has/has not opened a campaign, has birthday, has filled out a form,...) and higher personalisation posibilities with if-then-clauses.

A forum post is far to short to list all the features and pros/cons for this in details, but I hope that I was able to give an idea what I'm hoping for to use CM even a lot more than I already do.

dod dod, 9 years ago

It’s amazing how open you guys are to advice and suggestions, an absolutely wonderful service.

For me, it would more functionality through the API, for example:

Creation of campaigns
Sending of campaigns
Recipient Segmentation

This could then allow developers to "plugin" their custom CRM systems into CM, create their own complex segmentation rules as well as implement transactional emails.

jeje, 9 years ago

I would be interested in a French translation.

At least, it would be nice to be able to have translations for the forward to a friend page, but also the following tags in MailBuild:

Thanks a lot for your product, and keep up the good work.


Wolfr, 9 years ago

Make the editing and sending of newsletters a possibility for those without intimate HTML and CSS knowledge (my clients). That's #1 on my list.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hey Wolfr, have you checked out MailBuild for your clients that want to edit and send newsletters? It might suit your needs.

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ozeisberger, 9 years ago

Localization would be much appreciated (german in our case).

1) But the MailBuild interface is just one of the topics.

2) Tags: If the tags - as jeje mentioned - could be translated in format and language that would be a step forward.

3) Forward to friend / Unsubscribe: If the "forward to friend" and "unsubscribe"-pages could be translated, that would be cool to.

4) Auto-generated text-version: There are parts in english in the auto-generated text-versions as well. They have to be changed manually every time you send a mail...

Thanks for the otherwise really great product!

One more thing: Your CampaingMonitor Invoices are far from suffient to german tax-law. There is nothing like an "approximate" price ;-)

Thanks, Oliver

Stig Stig, 9 years ago

Hi Oliver, welcome to the forums!
Quick comment about your point 3: Although the Forward to friend page could use some customization, the Unsubscribe page can already be set to whatever you'd like.

From the Manage Subscriber List page, click Unsubscribe Options, and enter your URL under Redirect unsubscribers to your own confirmation page.


The Campaign Monitor Blog – HTML email smarts to go with your good looks.
lesteph, 9 years ago

A tool/bolt-on to support editable areas of templates (like a preview of the HTML email with WYSIWYG textareas in predefined areas of the template), so clients and non-techy agency colleagues can handle the HTML creation.

This may be in MailBuild (if so, sorry)...

Great product as it is tho.

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hi lesteph, that's basically a description of what MailBuild does ;) Check out the demo to learn more.

karynn karynn, 9 years ago

I would really like to see the merging of MailBuild and Campaign Monitor. Basically where MailBuild would simply be the client view and the Subscriber lists would be shared across the two. We as 'admins' could use the default CM interface and functionality if/when needed, but then upload client templates for them to use -- with the friendly MB interface. 

Plus, it would be helpful if the MB templates could have multiple repeating sections (for two-column layouts). I had to abandon MB altogether for my client because the current template functionality was not flexible enough...

AlexDunae AlexDunae, 9 years ago

Hi Matthew,

Gee, you guys are good at this business stuff!

My requests aren't really client-facing but would allow us to segment and target better.

- an option for more custom fields
- a date custom field and the segmenting logic to use it
- a way to schedule recurring mailouts based on fixed criteria (i.e. date)


PingPong, 9 years ago

My suggestion (for MailBuild) would be to hide some pages from Google.

A client receives an invoice from 'c/send.com'. This client is fairly average but savvy enough to type 'c/send.com' into Google as a search. To their surprise a link (3rd down) gives the game away.


When questioned, I actually say to clients that I buy the system at whole sale. The mark up covers support etc.

Preventing content from appearing in Google search results

Thanks! :)

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Thanks PingPong, I have modified the page that turns up in Google to remove any references to c/send.com (and your post too). We don't want to exclude our entire forums / blog from Google for obvious reasons, but we do our very best to not reveal anything that might give c/send.com away.

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PingPong, 9 years ago

Hi Mathew,

Great stuff!

Vote 1 Freshview ;)

jeje, 9 years ago
jeje :

I would be interested in a French translation.

At least, it would be nice to be able to have translations for the forward to a friend page, but also the following tags in MailBuild:

Thanks a lot for your product, and keep up the good work.


I forgot to add a few things:
- One of my clients has recently employed a developer/web designer which would like to create his own templates. The problem is a client account is not allowed to add/update templates... Could this by set on a per client basis?
- As Oliver said, the billings are not valid for Europe, hence France...


Stig Stig, 9 years ago

This has been touched on before, but I think a Simple/Advanced Mode division might be valuable, as you could have the powerful features that some of your customers "need" in one mode, while maintaining the extreme simplicity that other customers require in the other.


The Campaign Monitor Blog – HTML email smarts to go with your good looks.
weejames, 9 years ago

There are 2 main things i'm looking for.

1) Ability to send emails through the API - that way i could use it for trigger emails for my various apps, or allow my customer to send mail directly from their CMS.

2) An easy way to send slightly different templates to the same subscriber set, making alterations dependent on the values in their custom fields.  I appreciate that we can already achieve this by setting up segments and sending separate campaigns, but an automated way would be great and much easier.

I have many other suggestions but they're mostly API related and ive sent them before in an email :)

eliffio, 9 years ago

Hi guys. For me it would be: Spanish translation. Here in southamerica theres a huge market for this service, but in many cases, language is a restriction. Not for me as designer, but it is for some clients.

I don´t know if this also applies to MailBuild. I buy prepaid credits, don´t work with Pay Pal, so it would be great to be able to assign credits  to each client. This way, when a client runs out of the amount of credits assigned, he cannot send more emails and my credit card is not billed.

Thanks for hearing us!

eschaefer, 9 years ago

Customization of the "Forward to a friend" page would be fantastic. Right now it's somewhat frustrating to leave that page so bare-bones.

Perhaps an area to just upload a branding image is a good start, if full HTML customization seems far off.

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey eschaefer, welcome to the forums. You'll be very pleased to know that you can already customize your Forward to a Friend page for each client, including a logo and the page color scheme.

To do this, head into Manage Clients, select the client you want modify and on the right you'll notice a link to customize this page.

Morris4, 9 years ago

Hi all,
Your all shared information is really very helpful for me. I'm newbie in internet marketing and looking the same kind of information. Right now I'm getting good result with the help of you provided information.
Thanks a lot to you all!


webprjeff, 9 years ago

Hi all... Just found this site. Wanted to give my ideas/requests.
- a way to send auto responders would be a nice addition
- also just basic scheduling of a message

Looks really great though.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hey Jeff,

You can already schedule campaigns for the future in both Campaign Monitor and MailBuild!

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