Looking for a campaign designer and developer

Hello everyone,

We're on the lookout for a campaign and email designer with programming skill sets preferably a business, although we do not have a problem working with individuals, to develop a long term relationship with and can call on to help out with our email development and client communications.....Campaign Monitor is our preference, but we're open to all ideas which will work for what we do. 

Currently we send a variety of smaller emails, welcomes and updates to our client base, but are looking to expand how, when and what information people receive.

Our aim is to develop a relationship with people who will provide us with up to date information in terms of Campaign Monitor and the communication world, are able to move quickly, have design and business skills/ideas for our growing local (Aust) and International businesses.

We would also like to better integrate social media, so this should also be considered.

Communication is one of the most important areas of business, so we aim to be the very best within our industry/field.

Our preferred location is Melbourne Australia but any other State will be considered under the correct circumstances.

Please reply to this post and we'll consider all feedback.

All legitimate enquiries will be contacted.

adnrw, 5 years ago


I'm from Digital Bridge, we run Bridgeway Mailer (http://bridgewaymailer.com). We're based in Fitzroy.

Have a look through the Bridgeway Mailer site and feel free to get in touch with us if you'd like more information.



Edit: added link to website

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