change the default format for links in the simple template footer?

Hi there,

I want to have the website address in my footer, using the provided simple template, which I have modified in terms of color, etc.

In all of the previews, the text of the link is the same color as the rest of the footer text which is good.

However, when I send a test, it turns the website address into a blue underlined hyperlink, which is ugly/bad.  I see where I can change the link styles and colors in the body, but no where to change/correct it in the footer file.

Can this be done -- or is there a workaround of some sort?  Or do I have to remove the web address from the footer?

Help appreciated!

heather, 5 years ago

BTW, should have mentioned that I DO have "link" in the footer set to the same color as "address" -- address is coming out correctly; link looks fine in all previews but changes to blue/underline when sent.

thanks again,

Alex I., 5 years ago

Could you post your code?


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi heather, if you're a confident coder, I'd recommend exporting your template code and applying a couple of fixes to the HTML code. For example, both Gmail and iOS devices commonly turn http://... links blue - you can find workarounds in these posts:

* Gmail turns your black links blue
* Banning blue links on iOS devices

Thanks, heather - let us know how you go :)

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