And/Or Segments

I've got a feature request for you.

I have three custom fields on my list, "2009 attendee", "2010 attendee", "2011 attendee".

I'd like to be able to build a segment that includes anyone who has a value in any one of these fields. That means something like:

2009 attendee is provided OR 2010 attendee is provided OR 2011 attendee is provided.

I can't seem to do that with OR conditions only AND.

So instead I need to have three segments, one for each of the custom fields. It works but is a little clunky.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi VFHwebdev, we love your feature requests :) Ah, we've had a few requests for an OR operator - it continues to be a timely one. Yes, for now you will have to use multiple segments, but I'll certainly add your vote for this and keep you posted. Thanks again for piping up :D

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VFHwebdev, 5 years ago

Just goes to show how much I use (and love) Campaign Monitor. It's a great product.

BraceRosso, 5 years ago

I support VFHwebdev's request to improve the segment builder.  As I sign up clients, I am often offering to help them set up their segments for them so they can witness the value straight away when they start using the product.  However, when there are many segments to create, it's quite time consuming.  I added some suggestions in the post for 2012 improvements (

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Thanks BraceRosso - I agree that segments do require a fair amount of improvement and would be keen to see us give them more thought in the coming months. I'll absolutely give this a nudge on your behalf and keep you posted if we work on segments in a future release.

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emma, 4 years ago

Adding my vote for this.

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