Faceboook subscribe form app

hi there,

i'm having problems setting up a simple Facebook subscribe tab using this app.  i've tried both the white-label version and the campaign monitor version.  neither will work.

i've made several attempts..  and i've made sure to log out of Facebook and CM to make sure i'm not connected to any client accounts... or my personal account..  and i log in correctly at each step.

sometimes, when trying to login after installing the app (before selecting the list, etc.), the client log in won't work.  i get a notice that the login credentials are incorrect (i have to use my master CM login, not the client login).  sometimes, it logs in correctly with the client CM account.

regardless of that issue, after i go through the process of selecting the list (or the client and list, if i've logged in with my master CM login), editing the intro message, etc.  i click the green "save form" button.  it switches to "saving" then back to the green "save form" button.  that's it.. nothing else.  if i go to the page, edit the page, then click on "apps" (as the instructions for the subscribe app state), i don't see it as an option.  if i go through the entire process again, i get the same result..  that green "save form" button, and nothing after that.

i have 3 distinct Facebook pages (3 clients) to place this on.  i've tried all of them.  logging out completely between attempts..  i've tried safari and firefox on mac to try and rule out browser issues..  still no luck.

i've searched the forums for posts on the Facebook app..  there are a few entries..  nothing that seems to apply to me.



roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi ottenhoff, welcome to the forums - we're really sorry for the trouble we've caused here. This issue with the 'Save form' button is really quite unique and we'd like to get to the bottom of things here for you.

Could you kindly contact our support team with:

- Your Campaign Monitor account name
- Your Facebook username
- The URLs to the Facebook pages you're adding the form to
- The browser version you're using
- Any additional details

With this information, we'll be able to get our devs to take a look at reproducing the issues and a potential fix. In the interim, could you kindly try setting up the app using another browser (other than Chrome)? Sorry for this trouble, but we'd love to know how you go.

Get in touch with us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/campaignmonitor
We're also on Facebook: http://facebook.com/campaignmonitor
ottenhoff, 5 years ago

hi there. i'll email the info..  i've done some more trials.  so far, tried with the following browsers on the mac:
safari 5.1.3
firefox 10.0.2
chrome 18.0.xxx

all with the same result..  the subscribe form just doesn't seem to get created.  (i'm not sure what is supposed to happen after clicking the "save form" button..  is there some type of confirmation?  etc.)  anyway, email to support team will followup.  thanks!


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi ottenhoff, thank you so much for these details. I received your email and was able to reproduce this issue on an 'unpublished' Facebook page. Then when I tried on a published page, I successfully added the app. This was on Safari 5.1.3.

I have one of our devs on the case (who saw the issue), so I'll be passing on your email to him to investigate. One of us will most certainly be in touch shortly.

We're really sorry for the difficulty you've had in adding the app, but glad it worked out in the end. Hopefully with a little more work, we'll have this working for all customers soon. I agree, it can be better documented, too.

Thanks again, ottenhoff - you've been a huge help to all of us.

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