Need to send different email to different users at different times

I am looking to integrate Campaign Monitor API for one of clients. He has very specific requirements and I need to understand if I can use Campaign Monitor for the same and if yes, then how it can be used.

We need to send different emails to different users at different times. One of the example is every 6 hours we check for the user activity on the site, and get the list of user that match a certain criteria. We then need to send a mail to those list of users that are filtered. With each 6hr cycle there could be same users or new users and in each case whatever list of users that we get need to be sent a mail.

Like this we have different cycles for different filters some 6hrs/ some daily/some weekly, etc.

So can anyone help me if this can be achieved using campaign monitor, if yes, then how.

Many thanks for your replies.

Anil Gupta

Phil Phil, 5 years ago

Hi Anil,

This can all be achieved using the API..

First you need to figure out which language you'll be programming in. We provide wrappers for some of the most common.

Then you'll have to get hold of your API key and the relevant ClientID.

With those two IDs, it's a very simple matter to:
1. Create a new subscriber list and save the returned ListID
2. Add email addresses to that list
3. Create a campaign using content from a url, and save the resulting campaignID
4. Send that campaign

All the best with it!

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