Images in repeater - or not ?

Well, my first e-mail newsletter 'client' has chosen a template. So, I'm working on tweaking the template fields for MailBuild and I have a question about images. The repeater thing is great, I know they'll have several items in their newsletters, but it's doubtful they'll have a lot of images. This is a doctor's office, so it's not like a commercial marketing piece. They may have images to use from time to time, but not for every item in a given newsletter.

Now, I can put the image code inside the repeater, but if they don't use an image, won't the recipient get a 'broken image' red X thing if there is no image ?

Would it be better to format the repeater WITHOUT an image and they'll upload an image when they have one ? The drawback to that might be image size, since the MB code will automatically resize an image. If I can't use floats reliably to push an image where we want it, is there control in the client editor to allow the image to be aligned left or right ?

I'm just trying to figure out the best way to handle this.

Thanks !

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

If you have your repeater with an image defined in the template, but your client does not upload an image, then it just disappears from the content when it is sent and there is no image at all in the final email.

So that should work out just the way you like.

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LadynRed, 9 years ago

Thanks Mathew ! That helps a lot, makes it much easier for me to set things up for them. I just didn't want them to see the dreaded red X thing, or have the text look like it's wrapping around an invisible image.

Back to my template :)

djwhisky, 9 years ago

Is there any chance in the future of being able to optionally add more than one image to a repeater... I'm thinking of a situation in an email where you may want alternating left and right images...?!

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