Links changing position within template following changes.

Does anyone else experience this:

You work in a template each of your articles has a link at the end (lets say 4 articles). Send a test, all is good.

Then you are asked to remove one of the articles (say number 2, leaving us with 1, 3, 4) in CM everything appears fine, the preview displays the correct links. However on receiving a test I have noticed that the links to the articles can sometimes be incorrect, links from 3 and 4 are actually 2 and 3 for example or they pull links in from other parts of the template.

That may not be exactly how things end up as links can be pulled in from footers... most strange, my other though is that it could be where a change to the template happens, and extra links are created above the content.

Is this a caching thing on the CM servers or a local issue? I've experienced this working for two different companies in two different locations.

Any information would be really useful, as its bugging the hell out of me.


Diana Diana, 5 years ago

Hi Richard,

Are the links changing on the existing test that you already sent? Or a new test?

When you change campaign content you'll want to send yourself a new preview.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
Richard.Wendon Richard.Wendon, 5 years ago

Hi Diana,

Sorry for the delay getting back to you... been a bit poorly :/

Everytime changes are made to the template whether to just the content or to the template itself new tests would be sent.

The only way around the issue I have found is to literally set it up as a new campaign, which as I am sure you can imagine is not ideal. In this case the campaign was signed off late one afternoon, preview inside of CM was fine with links going to the right places, however tests to email clients were incorrect, with links shifted up a position as kind of outlined above.

Thinking it was a caching issue, I suggested we leave it till the morning. We did this, and 99% of the links were correct in the morning, the only one that was borked was the final one on the page, so it is at least to me clear there is some caching going on somewhere.

To me at least this isn't a recent issue, it's been happening for a while. Certainly not blaming CM here, just trying to understand where the issue may be happening.



(btw, although I only have 2 posts now, that is due to me requesting to change my username, as it referred to previous employer - been using CM + Mailbuild for long time :D )

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Richard, this is really unusual. Sometimes there can be issues with links in tests if the draft campaign's content has been changed, but it sounds like this isn't the case here, so could you kindly get in touch with our team with campaign details? We'd be keen to view a preview in which this is happening, so we can investigate further for you.

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