Looking for a designer to amend our template

We're looking for a designer to add social media link buttons to the header of our template and change the background colour around our newsletter.

We have a plan/suggestions from CM Tech Support - just need someone to do the coding. We're happy to send this information and pdf outlines via email and receive a quote in return. In terms of time frame, the next few weeks would be great, or sooner.

There will no doubt be more updates in the near future so ideally we'd like to develop a long term relationship with someone we could work with down the road.

Thank you.

Alex I., 5 years ago

More than happy to do this for free.


Chiswick, 5 years ago

That would be fantastic Alex! Please email me at louisec at lavishandlime dot com so we can talk.

Chiswick, 5 years ago

We're still looking for someone to help with this? Anyone interested?


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