Moving customers from one list to another

Hi all, I need some help here!

I have two lists: downloaders and customers. When someone makes a purchase I need to automatically check whether he's on downloaders list and move him from downloaders to customers. If he's not on downloaders list I would subscribe him to customers list.

Since I'm new to the API and saw some problems on the forum, I need a weather check: how do I start about it?

For example, if I unsubscribe the user from one list, and simply add him to another, is it valid solution or he would get suppressed?


IJ, 5 years ago

No responses in two days.

If I had asked in wrong way or there is documentation where I can start investigating this myself, please take a sec and give to newbie (ie. me) couple of quick pointers.

Thanks anyone.

Stig Stig, 5 years ago

Hey IJ, welcome to the forums, and sorry for the late response!

If you unsubscribe a recipient via the API, then the list's unsubscribe settings will determine whether they're added to the suppression list. By default, all unsubscribes go to the suppression list. However, you can turn this off for specific lists.

A better option, if you don't want to change these settings for regular unsubscribes, is to simply use the delete subscriber method instead of unsubscribing them. That way, you can remove them from the downloaders list and then add them to the customers list without them going on the suppression list.


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IJ, 5 years ago

Thanks Stig, that's what I needed to know!

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