Changes made in editor not showing in preview or test email

I have a campaign ready to send that I've been editing for a few days. However the version showing in edit mode is not being shown in preview or in a test email. Preview and the test email are both showing an earlier version with the wrong order of articles and items and an image that have since been deleted.

I've tried in Safari and Firefox but because the test email is wrong I don't think it can be browser  related. I've also done the obvious stuff of clearing cache and restarting.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated... it's driving me nuts!

TsillanSEO, 5 years ago

I just had the same problem and actually ended up sending the wrong template!  Preview showed my customized template but in reality I send my clients list of 1000 people a non customized email template from themeforest!  Glad I ran into this as I thought I had just not dotted my "I's" and crossed my "T's".  Have you heard anything yet?

duncanwallace, 5 years ago

Nothing yet... but it's only been an hour.
I have the same issue as you with my template not updating too but that eventually came good. It was showing old images. The correct ones are now showing (after a few days of not editing) but now I can't get the right content to show.  Very frustrating.

Phil Phil, 5 years ago

Hi duncanwallce and TsillanSEO,

Sorry to hear that you're having troubles. Because we're not seeing this across the board it's impossible to say whether or not you're suffering from the same problem or something different.

Have you sent in a support request? We'll need to look at your specific campaign within the context of your account. Please include as much information as you can think of, including the name of the client & campaign and anything you can remember that you were doing or that seemed strange at the time the problem first occurred. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.


duncanwallace, 5 years ago

Thanks Phil,
Will send a support request now.

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