Problems with my first client campaign! Help appreciated

OK so I set up my first campaign for a client.

1.  Setup the list/Uploaded Contacts
2.  Setup the form
3.  Used custom HTML template from TF
4.  Did a spam test, all checked out

Here's my problem:

1.  Sent the campaign and then realized I chose the wrong template (half customized one:-(  embarrassing...
2.  Once I realize it's the wrong template as my client immediately asks!  Template in email was different than what I had sent him for approval.  Stock images and the whole shebang
3.  I immediately go in to change the template
4.  I do a preview and I get a big fat red screen with an warning message!  Basically a phishing warning like you get when you are about to click into a hacked website

I'm new to CM.  Came from Aweber but from what i can tell and what I've read in the help docs, my private label domain and my clients email address are different and this is triggering an alert of some kind?  I did use my clients domain email though, no gmail or free services since I had read thats a big no no.

If anyone can hit me up that would be awesome!  Willing to even pay to help me fix this embarrassment and help me understand what I did wrong to make sure it doesn't happen again.



JD JD, 5 years ago


I believe one of my colleagues answered you through the support request, however, it looks like you might not have receive the latest response. Just in case, I thought I'd comment here as well. For 1 & 2, we looked through the activity logs in your account and it appears there might have been a simple mistake of choosing which draft to send/schedule. Is this a possibility? There are more details in the ticket that show those logs.

For 3 & 4, there looks to be a problem with the secure https: and non-secure http: in the link used for previewing that campaign. Its not clear how the secure link was generated, so we'd just need those details to help trouble-shoot that portion. Can you respond to the request ticket sent today? If you are not receiving it, please let us know here. Thanks!

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