.NET wrapper batch import problem


I'm using the .NET wrapper to batch-import subscribers, as it says in sample:

BulkImportResults importResults = null;
1    try {
2        importResults = subscriber.Import(addupdate, false);
3    }
4    catch (CreatesendException ex){
5        ErrorResult<BulkImportResults> error = (ErrorResult<BulkImportResults>)ex.Data["ErrorResult"];
6        if (error.ResultData != null) {
7            ....
8        }       
9    }

However, I'm receiving an error on line 5: Unable to cast object of type 'createsend_dotnet.ErrorResult' to type 'createsend_dotnet.ErrorResult`1[createsend_dotnet.BulkImportResults]'.

Anybody has an idea why?


Audrius Stonkus

audrius, 5 years ago

Looks like a bug in .NET wrapper. After downloading the source of the wrapper, I changed this in the file HttpHelper.cs, method ThrowReworkedCustomException:

                    result = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<ErrorResult>(response);


                    result = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<EX>(response);

This fixed the problem. I used version 1.1.0-1-gcdc3c11 of the wrapper.

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