Spam Assasin report - can anyone decipher this?

Email from one of my clients has suddenly started getting blocked as spam. I'm monitoring spam at my mailhost which is managed by Fasthosts here in the UK.

This was initially only personal emails sent from them to me but now it's affecting emails sent via CM. This is the culprit "2.8 FU_COMMON_SUBS2 URI: Sub-dir seen often in spam (2)"

The Wiki on Spam Assasin sheds no further light on this. Any ideas what this code means?

Mathew Mathew, 5 years ago

Hi Julian,

From our research It looks like that is a specific rule trying to pickup unsubscribe links in emails. Spam Assassin for some reason has a couple of rules which flag emails that have unsubscribe or removal phrases and links as possible spam.

Which is pretty annoying for the legitimate senders who have real working unsubscribe links and are doing absolutely the right thing. We're looking at what we can do on our end to work around this rule and avoid adding to the scoring for emails sent from our servers.

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