"Known Spammer" Did we get blacklisted?

We send a monthly newsletter to 1500 persons once a month. Every now and then we get someone who marks one as SPAM - often times by mistake.

My Bounce Rate is typically under 1% - Unsubscribes are 2-3 contacts per month. My SPAM complaint rate is .11%.

This month I got 5%bounces - mostly from ATT, SBCGlobal and Comcast. ATT marked us a "Known Spammer"

What happened?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi justthecook, some customers have been affected by email delivery issues with AT&T and SBCGlobal, I'm sorry to say. In all likelihood your increased bounce rate is a result of these delivery issues, not your campaign content. Your best bet is to contact our team with your account and campaign details, so we can take a look and make recommendations as to how to proceed. Thank you for your patience with us.

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justthecook, 5 years ago

Thank you Ros. I submitted an email.

CM88, 5 years ago

Actually justthecook is correct, and it has nothing to do with their individual account or mailing habits.

For some reason CampaignMonitor has tripped att.net's spam filters, along with SBCGlobal, and Comcast, and it's now causing massive amounts of "Known Spammer" bounces the past few days because of it. 

I have multiple friends that hold CampaignMonitor accounts that I referred, along with myself of course, and all of us are experiencing the same thing despite being in different industries with different mail rates with different content.

That means it's not us, or anything we're doing, as nothing has changed on our end the past year.

Deliveries the past week are now down by over 30% because of the issue, while bounces have gone up by 8x versus historic bounce levels during our time with CM.

Nothing any of us have done has changed, and as justthecook mentioned, it's nothing on our end.

This is a serious problem, one that that CM needs to address as quickly as possible, as it's stunning how dramatically the numbers dropped nearly overnight...hopefully the techs are on it and have a solution quickly.

pauline_shoe, 5 years ago

I helped a friend send a campaign on Saturday. My friend used her sbcglobal.net account to test the email campaign. She never got the test email, though I got it with my gmail account. When we sent the campaign, att.net, sbcglobal.net and ameritech all blocked her email campaign.

She is just sending out renewal notices to current members of our organization. What can be done to remove this block by att, sbcglobal and ameritech??

nathanwillers, 5 years ago

I'm also experiencing this issue.

Carissa Carissa, 5 years ago

We requested that our IPs be delisted with AT&T five days ago and they typically respond to our delist requests within 24 hours, but sadly they still have not gotten back to us. We are doing everything we can, but we depend on AT&T to address the issue on their end. This is serious and annoying to us as well so we are eager for the block to be lifted.

CM88 and nathanwillers, if you can contact support we can see what we can do to help.

Campaign Monitor
websitevelocity, 5 years ago

We are also having this issue with both AT&T and BellSouth. I've sent an email to support regarding this as well.

CM88, 5 years ago

I did some analysis of our records to help out, and these are the four domains that have suddenly popped up in bulk and are causing 95% of the "new" soft bounces versus previously (both 'known spammer' AND 'general'):


Those four have caused our soft bounces to go from an average of 20 or so a day (for months), to over 250 for each of the past 6-7 days.

I'm not sure if they're all related to ATT.net and the issues CM has raised with them, but I'm trying to help out in any way possible to allow the techs to find the appropriate solutions as I love the service and have never been so happy with an email service as I have been here.

Hope this isn't now a permanent situation as it's a big enough issue and affecting opens/reads so dramatically that it would be time to make a change.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi websitevelocity and CM88, many thanks for your help, as well as your patience with us. As Carissa mentioned, our sysadmins have been communicating with AT&T to ensure we get delisted - if you've contacted support, we should have a response for you shortly.

The latest news is that the blocking issues are starting to clear up, but there is the chance that some customers may still be affected.

Thank you again for your kindness, despite this inconvenience  - we do feel responsible for what's happened and are doing our best to ensure it doesn't continue to affect our customers.

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