Segments not working as expected

Please help me understand.

I'm trying to make a segment using a boolean search of two different multi-option custom fields. The first field has only one checkbox (Address Book), the second one two (Newsletter and Press Release).

The segment I'm going for is: I want to send an campaign to all subscribers who's Address Book checkbox is checked but the Press Release checkbox is not. So I use "Equals Address Book" which works as expected and "Doesn't equal Press Releases" which does't work!

I'm I doing something wrong?


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi vassilis, glad I could answer this in our earlier thread. The skinny is that we're still looking at fixing this bug in our app - thank you for encouraging us to get a wriggle on! :D

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vassilis, 5 years ago


Sorry about reposting the question, I just wanted to make sure I was talking about the same bug.

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