Adding jpbs

When I upload my html page that has 2 jpgs, everything imports but the jpgs.   What up with that?


Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago


I think we have answered this through support already, but basically you need to upload both the html page, and a zip file containing your images. For example, if your html references src="images/photo.jpg" then you need to zip up the 'images' directory.

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Todd McGreevy, 9 years ago

I have read through the postings under the search for "zip":

and while I agree that you have attempted to answer the questions posed, there are still recurring problems happening regardless of following your directions specifically.

I have attempted to upload .html page generated from both Word and GoLive.
In both instances I have zipped up the images folder that the html is sourcing and uploaded them to your tool.
In both instances the images do not appear in the page generated during preview or on the test send.

Is there an issue with caching? With a time delay on your servers?
It does seem very simple and it is... the directions you have provided are easy to understand and follow.
BUT regardless of following them (i have checked the source code to ensure that the code is defining the proper path before uploading) the issue still recurs.

I have deleted the campaign and started over with a new Campaign name and still the problem recurs.
I look forward to your feedback.
Todd McGreevy

Diana Diana, 9 years ago

Hi Todd,

As long as the html and the folder structure in your zip match your images should be showing. The only exception is if they have spaces or %20 in the name, if that's the case try renaming them. If that's not the problem try contact support and we can take a look at the files you're importing.

D. Potter
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