Does 'Forward To' CM Link Remain The Same


I have a button (image) in an email that I'd like to link to the 'forward to friend' CM page. I'm currently using the link from the campaign's preview email (there's a <forward></>... tag in the template). The button (linked image) works in the preview emails. Will this work when I actually send this campaign?

What I'm using for the button from the preview email:

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roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Y7NcIz09p2N4ZULh, while this preview forward-to-a-friend link will continue to work once you have sent your campaign, the link changes on send as it's personalized for each campaign recipient. Shares using this preview link will appear as 'Non-subscriber (from web version)' in your social sharing report.

We don't recommend hard-coding this preview link into your campaigns if you don't have to - what do you have in mind? :)

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