I do not want my clients to have the ability to Send their email. How?

I do not see a way to do this, but maybe I am missing something.

I want my clients to have the ability to do everything but SEND the final email.  Here is the reason: I am at a college and several departments have sub-accounts and in giving them college-branded templates to work with I want them to be able to load their content, test and access their reports.

For reasons of monitoring for accuracy (typos/errors), events,  fundraising, # of emails going out of the college, etc.  we only want a few people the ability to SEND.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi LindaFromGordon, there isn't a way to stop a client specifically from sending while still allowing them to create campaigns, I'm sorry to say. I'm more than happy to add your feedback for this internally and let you know if we amend these permissions in the future.

In the interim, you will have to communicate with them in regards to the need to give final sign-off before send.

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LindaFromGordon, 5 years ago

Thanks so much for your response and yes, please do send my feedback and let me know if permissions change.

gsk, 5 years ago

Hi LindaFromGordon,

I had a client that needed this functionality so I used the API to build a custom solution that required an authorization step before the send could be completed. Fee free to e-mail me at gsk@ica.net and I'd be happy to show you what I did.

Phil Phil, 5 years ago

Hi all,

Just a quick note to let you know that with the recent release of our upgraded team and collaboration feature, it is now possible to create client logins who have permission to do everything but send the completed email.

But that's not the only fresh teamwork goodness. Check it all out and see what you think.


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