CSV import

I'm having problems importing data into custom fields. The data appears correctly in the preview on the "Match the file with your Subscriber List fields" page, but is missing from the fields after the import.

I've checked the CSV for erroneous commas or quotes, and all seems okay. There are only 160 records.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to the cause of the problem?

garethf, 9 years ago

Ok, I've narrowed the problem down to the "Multiple Options" custom fields. Changing these to text fields eliminates the problem, but it isn't an ideal solution.

All values in the CSV file contain acceptable entries for the "Multiple Options" fields.

garethf, 9 years ago

I've converted the fields to a plain text fields and successfully imported my data, so I thought I'd try converting the fields back to "Multiple Options" fields. CM gives me a warning that this may affect my data, but I continued. Each "Multiple Options" field now contains two entries for each item in the drop-down. As a consequence, I get an IE error when trying manually amend the data: "That option already exists".

garethf, 9 years ago

I deleted the list and started afresh. I've managed to get all my data in now.

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Thanks so much for the update Gareth, great to hear it all worked out. I'd love to know if you did anything differently the second time for the import to work perfectly for you.

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