Impact of Unsubscribe Settings

I've been trying to understand the impact of the Unsubscribe Settings. 

The two options in Unsubscribe Settings are:
Option 1: Unsubscribe them from all [this client] lists
Option 2: Only unsubscribe them from this list

Suppose we have something like the following settings:
- List 1: Option 1
- List 2: Option 2
- List 3: Option 1.

I we add an email to all 3 lists, and Unsubscribe it from List 1, then the email will also be Unsubscribed from List 3, and added to the Suppression List, but will remain Active on List 2.

If an email is on the Suppression List, then it cannot be added to List 1 or List 3, but it can be added to List 2.

Is this correct? It wasn't quite what I'd expected, so I'm wondering if I've missed something.

Phil Phil, 5 years ago

Hi David (i'm assuming that's a better term of reference than "public" :D),

What you've found experimentally here is accurate. Whether it's "correct" is a matter for debate, but it's certainly the intended behaviour as it stands. Selecting option 2 on that screen actually means complete bi-directional isolation from both other lists in the account and the client's suppression list.

david.public, 5 years ago

Hi Phil,

Thanks, that's helpful. I'm not sure I'd know which was "correct" either. So long as I know it's by design I know how to work with it.

Might just be worth adding something to the Docs (and apologies if something's there and I've missed it).


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