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In no particular order....

Had trouble remembering my login details for this forum. I know there's a "Forget password" link, but I forgot what my username was. Until I realised much later than my username was the name the email was addressed to...


Maybe add a line... "Your username is:...."

Being new to the whole email newsletter ball game, I signed up and tested both Chimp and CM. Chimp felt a bit odd the way it was setup. I suppose i'd get use to it but CM won for ease of use. And i'm happy to support an aussie business. The more I use it, the more I see how it could be better.... but for now keep up the good work.

I also read the discussions and complaints about pricing with interest. As a first time user, it already seems like good value but maybe my views might change overtime. I just don't see EDM being a huge money spinner for me. More as an added value service.

Now it leads me to this following question.... particularly for other designers/dev's/suppliers or whatever you call yourself who have clients.

With clients being ever so price conscious, do you ever get asked by the client what "system" you are using? And what do you tell them? Even though CM branding is hidden, it would be pretty easy for clients to find out and I don't like to take ownership of the system as if it was only mine. Clearly there needs to be some level of transparency here. And then that brings up questions on % markup and how clients would feel about that. It's a bit like pretending to be a web host when all you're really doing is slicing up a reseller account.

kas2, 5 years ago

Hi - welcome. I like you tried Mail Chimp and to be honest I'm still feeling the trauma of that exercise. Refuse to touch it. Completely adore CM. You will too - if you haven't, make it a mission to learn more about segmentation and auto responders. Also, sign up to the blog RSS.

To answer your question - we're open in that we tell our clients that it's a solution we white label when asked. I also tell EVERYONE that we send via a 3rd party as it helps get around the "are you sure we can't just buy a list and email a billion people we don't know.... y'know... we are your client... you do what I say.... who cares about the law / best practice" issue when it arose, once. Also - had a problem sending once (user error) and it helped explain why I couldn't answer the question right away. Does that help? Hope it does!

dano, 5 years ago
kas2 :

it's a solution we white label when asked. I also tell EVERYONE that we send via a 3rd party

And what do you say when the client comes back with "white label?... who exactly?"

Using terms like white label, 3rd party etc. is just avoiding the truthful answer. I like to be honest and upfront with my clients but am afraid if I tell them i'm using CM, then I may lose some biz. I'm interested to hear how others approach this subject.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi dano, a huge thanks for writing in. Hope you don't mind me adding my 2c as well :)

We're really hoping to overhaul these forums in the coming months and will definitely keep your suggestion in mind when we do so. There's a few things I'd like to see, like email notifications for new replies and yes, a clearer sign up process. We're also keen to mop up the spam that creeps in here from time to time. Hopefully we'll see some of these wish list items come about in 2012.

kas2's transparent approach to using CM is fairly common. That said, I can empathise with the worry of losing business, but my feeling is that most clients have already shopped around and have turned designers like yourself because they don't have the time or know-how to manage their email marketing themselves. For most clients, this is worth paying the extra money for.

Keen to hear your opinion on this, too - after all, we're keen to give resellers like yourself the as many competitive advantages as possible :)

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kas2, 5 years ago

We've been asked 3 times. 2 of them asked who it was.

1st client - The client themselves didn't ask, but their Techy/Data person did. They ended up sticking with what they have at the moment, even though we would have saved them tens of thousands a year with CM. Go figure.

2nd client - Get CM as part of an overall marketing package with us - so he doesn't pay for it separately and therefore we could be using a flying monkey, as far as he cares... think he just wanted to know because he likes knowing random stuff :)

3rd client - It came out because we were being asked to work with another agency who were trying to get the email marketing work (and, funnily enough, shot of us too). They used CM so we piped up and said we use it too. They didn't really understand CM. Or Marketing. Or how to listen to a client. Or how to play nicely. Long story short - few months later client ditched the old system they were paying for and came on board with us (bye bye other agency!). They know it's CM, they know we're more expensive than their other system..... but... they LOVE CM (and meee).

There are some clients that just aren't worth having. If they want to do it all themselves, then fair play. If they want some help... that's what we're here for.

It sounds harsh - but it makes life a lot easier. We've had many clients for 10+ years. I believe this is a big part of why. Good luck!

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