Spacing issues in Outlook 2007 and accuracy of design tests?

We built an email which a client is claiming arrives in Outlook 2007 - without any of the spaces between paragraphs.

I've just spent $15 dollars doing tests - and in all versions the Outlook 2007 renders is showing the spaces between paragraphs absolutely fine. Does anyone know why this might be?

DOes anyone have any suggestions for how to fix this? Apparently it's fine in Outlook 2010 - but broken in 2007.

I'm so confused and desperate for help as client wants is upset their email couldn't go out today.


kas2, 5 years ago

Just FYI, i'm going to raise this as a support ticket - as I'm kind of desperate for a reply. I will make sure support know. Thanks to anyone that can help!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi kas2, it's most likely that Outlook 2007 isn't respecting any padding that you've set between paragraphs - see our CSS guide for details. You would be safer off using <br /> or margins to set line break spacing.

Hopefully this response makes it to you in time - all the best with your design!

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dedra dedra, 5 years ago

Hi kas2,

Rosanne has rights, don't use padding, instead use margins. And as I say here, you can use not only margins (you set padding to 0), but mso-margin-* and mso-padding-alt attributes too.

Hey... Sure, spaces between paragraphs... If you use at begin of your template "reset css", then you must add this line as next css:

p {margin-bottom: 1em;}

Sure, Outlook is chapter of its own and it does not matter whether is 2003, 2007 or 2010. Each version has an error, has some things in addition or some things absent.

kas2, 5 years ago

roshodgekiss and Dedra, thank you soooooo much.

Dedra, I am envious of your knowledge!

dedra dedra, 5 years ago


thank you for compliment. It's not only knowledge, it's a experience, examination and testing. Most time I work as IT administrator, sometime I programming and make web design from programing script side. And I tell you a small trick: uncle Google is a greatest friend. ;-)

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