Solved :"Layout not in repeater" : NVU rewrites Template Builder code

I just had some issues with a "layout not in repater" error while uploading a template adapted in NVU.
As I found the solution, I thought i share it with you, maybe it can save some time to other users.

Some days ago I wanted to translate into french the links on top of an email built with the Tempate Builder (you know : unsuscribe, Facebook, Twitter, ...)
So I exported the template builder file on my computer and translated it using NVU.
Then I wanted to import it back again.
And I got an error message saying :
"Layout not in repeater" We found a <layout> tag, but it wasn't wrapped in <repater> and </repater> tags. Different layouts can only be placed within a repeater.
Then I made then several attempts to solve the problem : changing the location of <layout> tags, of <repater> tags, and other tricks. But everytime I uploaded the corrected file, I got some weird error messages: "No editable regions in layout", no "singleline", no editable="true", ... 

After some headaches, I tried t open the hmtl file using PSPAD and not NVU.
And there I discovered that the file opened in PSPAD didn't look the same as in NVU.
NVU had changed the sourcecode at the first attempt to open the file (NVU changed the location of layout and repeater tags).
This explained why i couldn't find the error : the original file was wrong from the beginning without me knowing it.

So if you have similar issues, try to open the template builder file with something else than NVU, like PSPAD, notepad, whatever, just make sure there is no automatic rewrite of the code.

Hope this will help someone

Bonjour de la France

dedra dedra, 5 years ago

Hi SachaL,

sure, NVU as other WYSIWYG html editors change html code tags to html standards. CM use his own (mean non standard) html tags and attributes for control campaigns by script. If you can, turn off check and repair html code in editor settings, but i cannot know, that it is possible in NVU.

For change your templates, you must use non WYSIWYG editors like PSPad, Notepad etc. I use, for example Ultraedit. Notepad instead of PSPad or Ultraedit cannot have syntax highlighting, but for simple modifications of html code is sufficient.

Have a nice day.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Bonjour Sacha, I noticed in your post you were spelling the tags as <repater>, not <repeater>. Could you kindly check you've not misspelt the tags in your code? This can potentially cause issues on import.

Many thanks for sharing your experiences with us! :D

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spacejunk, 5 years ago


I am having the problem described here. I started working on my template in Dreamweaver but after reading this moved to Coda. It has not helped. I still get the same error about not finding the editable regions. I keep stripping things away. This is all I have left. It correctly identifies the line where the repeater starts, but doesn't see the tags inside. What could be going wrong?

        <img editable="true" width="292">

Stephen, 5 years ago

Hi spacejunk,

Thanks for pasting that, however I did just notice that your closing repeater is defined as "</repeater", rather than "</repeater>", so you may want to double-check that, if that's not a typo there.

One other thing to look out for is whether you've closed your HTML file's </head> tag in your code. As per this article, if you have an opening <head> tag, but no corresponding </head> tag, this can cause problems, so definitely something to look out for as well.

I hope that helps.

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