Subscriber List - The Default View and an Advanced Search

At present when you select a list the default view allows you to see the following three fields:
1. Email
2. Subscriber Name
3. Subscribed

It would be nice if I could set the fields I want to appear in my default list view then when I do a SEARCH it would search on those fields as well. This way I could quickly filter and edit on screen rather than exporting to CSV and filtering in EXCEL.

Maybe a partial solution would not be to re-engineer the list view but  but just offer an Advanced Search. This advanced search would allow us do a filter (includes, excludes, greater than, less than, equals) on the other fields that are not visible in the list........You may be able to use the same logic/code that you are using for the segment feature of the site.

I am new so excuse me if it exists already but it could be a feature for the future.


Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Thanks for the feedback Huey, we'll keep in in mind for the future. And can I say, for such a young looking person you have excellent typing skills :)

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IslandDesign IslandDesign, 8 years ago

I would like to request that while in subscriber view, the "per page" option selected remain constant.  It is a bit tedious to make edits to the 60th item in a list of 100 only to return to the list and find I am taken to the first 20 items and not where I was.  I hope this makes sense.... ;)

Thank you again for a great product!

Karen Vick
Dave Dave, 8 years ago

It certainly does Karen, thanks for the suggestion.

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