Does anyone know what .eoa_t6r{ width:100% !important; } means?

Afternoon all,

This is just a general query really and something that has been puzzling me? I ran my email through a optimisation engine and it adds the following to the head of the document each time:

.eoa_t6r{ width:100% !important; } .eoa_gt3{}

I'm not sure what it relates too regarding a 100% width? Its an unusual set of classes.

The 'eoa_gt3{}' is put in as the class for all h4 elements on the email. But the '.eoa_t6r' class isn't used anywhere?

I guess this is for some obscure quirky fix somewhere? Just curious to know.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Jody, could you kindly let us know which optimization engine or software you're using? Apps like Word are notorious for adding proprietary code when exporting to HTML, so in a similar fashion, this may be a class that's specific to this service.

Personally, I don't know of a specific fix that uses width: 100%, but your best bet is to just remove it, to save on code and avoid potential issues down the line. I hope this helps!

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jodygibbons, 5 years ago

Hey Ross,

Cheers for your comment, yeah certainly I build my emails in Dreamweaver and used the EmailonAcid's email optimisation tool. I'd haven't used it before (normally use Premailer) but had heard several good things about them so thought I'd take a closer look.

Its added these bits of code into the head which I'd never seen before and couldn't find any reference to it on their site or generally on the internet? But I've taken your advice and removed them from my email to avoid any issues.


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