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I have a customer with 4 different subscriber list. 2 are different due to a different salutation and one is due to the origin of the addresses. But I think it would be better to work with custom fields and segments for this. So I have to question:
1) when should I use seperate lists and when segments/custom fields?
2) best practice to merge subscriber lists, so it is intransparent for the subscribers and keeps as much information as possible?

ty for your advices

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Having one list is convenient and certainly makes reporting nicer because you can see everyone at once. We recommend segments and custom fields when you basically have one conceptual 'group' that everyone fits into.

So 'all customers' or 'all employees', and then use segmenting and custom fields to break them down into subgroups under that main banner.

If you have completely separate group, such as two different website signups, then having separate lists makes more sense.

See for segmentation help.

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butterfly X butterfly X, 9 years ago

Thanks, Mathew. Do you also have some advices, how to merge existing lists? Download, merge and upload or are there better ways?

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

You can just pick one list as the primary one, and then export the others, and reimport into the primary list. Campaign Monitor will remove any duplicates, unsubscribed, bounced addresses etc automatically.

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kgrace kgrace, 9 years ago

Okay, I'm in a similar situation, but with a twist...

I have two lists, which I realize might be better as one segmented list. The problem is, I've already sent one campaign each to the two lists. If I merge them (by exporting one and importing it into the other) I assume I will lose the campaign report info on that list... is that correct?

On a related note, can you explain how the de-duping works? I think I read that you will de-dupe across the account, but that's only if you are sending all lists the same campaign, correct? If this question isn't clear, here's an example:

The first list contains A, B, and C.
The second list contains A, E, I, O, and U.

I send the Elementary Campaign to the first list.
I send the Vowel Campaign to the second list.

A gets both emails, is that right? Or is it de-duped even though it's a different campaign? (In that case, which entry trumps, the first one or the last one or what?)

Hindsight tells me that I should have made one list with custom fields IsElementary and IsVowel... members A(yes,yes), B(yes,no), C(yes,no), E(no,yes), I(no,yes), O(no,yes), and U(no,yes). Then I could segment. But, my foresight is not exactly 20/20, so is there a way to merge the two lists without losing the campaign information I already have on A?

Diana Diana, 9 years ago

Hi kgrace,

We already resolved this via a support ticket, but for everyone else...

You won't lose any campaign specific reporting if you modify or delete your lists. The only thing that you would lose is the subscriber list specific stuff like subscribes over time. If that's something you need you can always keep the old list for the data. I'd suggest renaming it so that it's obvious it's just for history and shouldn't be used.

Regarding the duplication checking, we only dedupe on the specific list or campaign. So if you're sending separate campaigns no duplicate checking is going to go on and A will receive both campaigns. If you're sending a campaign to both lists though we'd see that A is on both and only send 1 copy.


D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
winethex, 8 years ago

Hey, can I add a vote to this suggestion! 
Hopefully renewing this thread to see if anyone else agrees.

Merging contacts between lists would be helpful.  I know there's the export>import route, but does that preserve individual emails tracking data (opens/clicks/etc)?  I thought I had tried it and it didn't, so I was curious and wary.  I figured if its an internal CM feature, it would definitely retain the info. 

Also, since the system removes dupes on import, wouldn't the integration of that already be there in some way?

Also also, if the subscriber from list B is a dupe, but has had different campaigns sent to it than list A, and list B is export>imported, is the tracking data preserved from list A, or overwritten by list B, or merged?

Sorry if its confusing.  I think I've learned that an email list import overrides any entered data (fields, names, etc), so I'm wondering about the tracking data.  And please tell me if I'm mistaken.  :)  Thanks for any clarity.

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