Importing templates or exported & re-imported template gives an error

I have downloaded from the CM website all the templates. And I have exported some of the templates we build with the CM template builder. If I import them into my templates online, the exported templates can't be edited with the template builder (the magic stick is gone) and if I import a downloaded template I get an error message:

• Sorry, there's a problem with your template Please make the changes we suggest below and then re-import your template. No editable region in template You need have at least one <singleline />, <multiline /> or <img editable="true" /> tag in your template. Without these, your clients can't add any content to their emails (and are better off sending a regular campaign instead of using a template). •

Why is this happening? Thanks for your support. Jacques

Carissa Carissa, 5 years ago

Hi jacquespernet, once you've exported and reimported a template builder template, I'm afraid there's no longer a way to continue editing it in our template builder. It sounds like you might be missing the closing head tag in the edited template as is described on our coding issues help page. If that doesn't seem to be the cause, we'd love to help you out over email, just get in touch with support so we can get those files from you and take a look.

Campaign Monitor
jacquespernet, 5 years ago

Hi Carissa, thanks, but found out the problem with the downloaded files from CM "complete_package-updated". I have to import the files with CM tags "html_with_cm_tags". Now it works perfect. Still have to compress the images in a zip file first. ;) Thanks for your great support. Love CM, Jacques

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