Name field, and required fields

Hi folks,

After years of building forms and using a variety of e-newsletter systems, I've really been enjoying Campaign Monitor's clean and logical design and ease of use. But I do have one problem: required fields.

From a cursory forum search it appears that the only way to make certain fields required is through elaborate programming with JavaScript, PHP, etc. I'm not really a programmer, and though I could likely struggle my way to a solution using one of these means, I'm baffled as to why I need to. This all seems quite removed from the "easy to use" spirit of your service to require complex scripting hacks for something as seemingly basic as required fields!

Looking forward to your reply on this one... thanks!


Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Since Campaign Monitor is aimed at web designers, typically they like to have control over how errors are handled and displayed - catching them on the client side means a lot more control over where the error shows up, how it is is worded, which part is required an so on.

We do take your point, and it is possible in the future we will build in an automated (although less flexible) option, but for now, javascript form validation is actually a pretty simple option, certainly not elaborate. Start with something like this:

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cosmocanuck, 9 years ago

Thanks Mathew - I guess that is a workable solution for the time being. Looking forward to a built-in option down the road though!

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