Full Details - Error 252 - Cannot delete a list attached to at least o


We use the API to manage the semi-automation of emailing for our customers.

Has there been a change to how the API operates.

We are now error 252 when we try and delete a list from a campaign, "Cannot delete a list attached to at least one campaign draft".

It seems that when the new draft is created after the old one was deleted, the existing list gets associate with the new campaign/draft.

The problem occurs after we do a test upload... we create a draft campaign and list.

Then, if all that works, the customer clicks the next button and we:
1) Delete the existing campaign/draft
2) Create a new campaign/draft
3) Delete the old list
4) Create a new list

Our product has been using your API in it's current for for some time and only appear to have changed over the weekend.  Suddenly it all falls apart at step3!  Can you advise on what has changed, why, (there may be a good reason) and if there is a simple workaround, or better still, if it can be "unchanged" - we can't be the only people getting this problem!

Thanks for your help in advance,

Nathan Hobbs

Phil Phil, 5 years ago

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for your post, and for sending in the support ticket. At Matthew will be confirming in that request, this was caused by a minor change in the way we handle campaign deletions, and it has unfortunately broken list deletions for this and similar workflows.

The source of the problem has been identified, and a fix should be live by the time i submit this post.


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