Check box for lists, but not segments?

As I continue to recommend to clients that they take advantage of segment tools to send more targeted campaigns, I've continued to find previously unknown limitations associated with segments.  The most recent one is that you can view members of a segment, but you can't select them using a checkbox in order to delete them like you might in the List View.  Thought that was weird.  Of course the checkbox option in general would be more useful if you could edit more than one user at a time without exporting/importing.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi BraceRosso, sorry about that - it sounds like our segments need a bit of dev love. I'm happy to add your vote to be able to delete, or exclude subscribers by segment - you're right, this can't be done. Perhaps in the interim you can create a custom field for 'Exclude', export the segment, add a 'Yes' value to this column, reimport, then create a segment for 'Exclude' Does not equal 'Yes'. This is presuming you simply don't want to send to this group - for a proper list cleanup, you will have to export the list, edit in Excel and reimport.

Thanks, BraceRosso - I'll let you know if we make this process easier for you.

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