Disabling the 3 soft bounce rule for high frequency send outs

Hi, my client sends a minimum of 2 ezines out a week to customers in the Irish travel industry. They've been using CM for about 4 years now but are continuously frustrated with the "3 soft bounces = hard bounce" rule. They have received many disgruntled emails from customers who have found themselves falling off their mailing list because they were on a trade trip for a fortnight. Its also logistically impossible for them to monitor and keep on top of who has hard bounced.

Is there anyway to disable this rule?

Many thanks


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Mike, it isn't possible to disable this rule, I'm sorry to say. For many customers, it's essential to keeping lists clean and ensuring they aren't paying to send to legitimately non-existant addresses. Note that we do treat auto-replies differently from other bounces - if a subscriber is away from their desk and then opens the campaign a while later, the bounce is removed from reports.

That said, you can view the bounce summary for campaigns and/or the email addresses in the 'Bounced' tab on your lists. Email addresses which you feel may have bounced in error can be moved to Active.

I'm sorry for suggesting more manual work here and will certainly take this up with the team. If we do allow account owners to relax the 3 soft bounce rule, we'll be sure to let you know.

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