Unsubscribe a list of users?

Howdy.  I was uploading a new subscriber list and unfortunately put it under the wrong client by mistake.  Now I need to basically undo that and remove all the people I mistakenly put in this list.  Is there a way to do that?  Is there a way I can upload that same file and simply unsubscribe?  I appreciate any ideas.  Thanks.

Diana Diana, 9 years ago

Hi Mike,

If you go to add/remove subscribers on the list in question and select the unsubscribe option you can paste in the list of email addresses that you inadvertently added. Before doing that, however,  I would suggest going to 'Unsubscribe Options' and selecting 'Only unsubscribe them from this list' and saving. Then unsubscribe the addresses and then change the setting back. This way the email addresses aren't added to the client wide suppression list, so just in case in the future for some reason one of those individuals did want to subscribe to another of this client's lists they would be able to.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Mike, there is one other approach you might want to consider. You can simply edit this list and change the client it is associated with. Head into the list, click the blue "Edit List" button and then switch the client.

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