Inconsistency in reported sent numbers / Email not recv'd by large #

Note: I originally sent this message via on May 8th but never received a response from CM. Thankfully I copied the message and emailed it to myself before hitting send for exactly this reason...

We sent a campaign 5/7 at 11am ( and there seems to be an inconsistency in the reported numbers, and I have reason to believe it didn't reach a large number of subscribers on our list.

Here's a screenshot of what I'm seeing on my end, basically:

Numbers listed on "Overview" tab:
  Recipients: 2741
  Opened: 21.57%
  Clicked: 46.87%

Numbers listed on Campaign Snapshot page:
  "Sent yesterday to 1,541 unique subscribers in Subscribers"
  "38.38% of all recipients opened so far"
  "46.87% clicked a link"

This got my attention because we usually have a much better open rate + I heard from a number of subscribers saying they didn't receive it. My friend and her husband have multiple emails signed up and didn't receive it on any of them. I understand that at a certain point delivery is out of your hands and into the ISP's and email services, but this seems to be on your end.


Stig Stig, 5 years ago

Hey, thanks so much for contacting us again here. Unfortunately, we had some issues with the contact form around the time you first tried to contact us, so it looks like your message went missing. We're really sorry about this - it should never have happened obviously!

We'll have a look at this campaign report though, and get back to you at the email address you're registered with in the forums.

If anyone else is reading this and hasn't gotten a reply to a recent request, the contact form should work correctly now, but you can also try emailing directly.


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