Plot "opens" on the Compare Campaign Results graph

I would like to be able to plot opens (not just the open rate) on the graph on the "Compare Campaign Results" page.

With a (albeit mildly) fluctuating subscriber list, the open rate is only one (but important) relevant metric. It would be also nice simply to see how many people open our messages over time. Sometimes, the bare number is more important than the percentage rate.

But that's just me.

Or is it ... ?

Greetings from Vienna

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi jonathan, many thanks for this request! The tricky thing about raw numbers is that subscriber lists can fluctuate in size from campaign to campaign, whereas response rates tend to be a little more constant. For example, if you send to 500 people one month and receive 250 opens, then the following month you send to 1,000 people and receive 500 opens, it isn't that the 2nd campaign has been more successful, as both have open rates of 50%.

For this reason, plotting raw numbers has the potential to be very confusing to senders. I'm very happy to hear your take on this, as I may have missed something here :)

Note that you can export the reports and chart this for yourself, if you wish. Thanks, Jonathan! Keen to hear your feedback on this one.

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jonathan, 5 years ago

Hi Ros, (I've been away)

Yeah, I get what you're saying. But just as plotting raw numbers has the potential to confuse, so does the plotting of just the open rates. With a fluctuating list, it's then only the combination of number sent and open rate that tells the full story.

For example, if our list doubles in size (I wish), experience shows that the open rate would drop. But it would still be more opens (= good news), and it would be nice to be able to plot that.

Aside from that, we do have newsletters that are sent regularly to the same lists, so we would still be comparing like with like. Your 2nd campaign has certainly been more successful, but on a different level.

Anyway, participation in this post shows that demand isn't great <tumbleweed> ... </tumbleweed>, so it's obviously not a priority. And the numebers are still there to see in the lists.

All the best!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Thanks for your feedback on this one, jonathan - it's food for thought for us. I'll keep you posted if we make any changes to how we display our metrics here :D

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