Sending from different domain

Hi there - I have a client who has been sending campaigns from their own verified domain for some time.

They have a new arm of their business, and they want to send campaigns which appear to come from the new business (with a different reply-to email address), but they want to do it from within their existing CM account.

Is this just a matter of selecting 'Use a different domain' in the "Set who this campaign is from field" and entering a different email address?

I just want to check that this isn't breaking any protocols and won't lead to any trouble at the ISP end.

I realise the best practice would be to set up a new account for the associated business and get the domain verified but they are wanting to do everything through the same login account...

Thanks for your help :)

Mathew Mathew, 5 years ago

Hi David,

Yes, just using a different domain is totally fin. They could still choose to authenticate that domain too, or use our default authentication setting as per as you can have many authenticated sending domains for each client.

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davidl, 5 years ago

Great Mathew - thanks for clarifying that :)

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