Wrestling with an alternative ajax subscription form

I am trying to convert our older ajax subscription form to a newer direct to CM format.

Our old form simply sent us an email and then we manually subscribed the person.  This was due part to our old emailing system, as well as a means to keep out robo-subscriptions and our competitors ;-)

I have seen the ajax form in the blogs, but to use that verbatim would require recoding the form itself everywhere it appears on our website.  So I am hoping to be able to use a modified version of our current ajax/jquery setup, so that I only need modify one master js file.

I have included our code below.  The function works fine for submitting the subscription request and the new subscriber gets their reconfirm email ... however the success function is not working.  In addition to what is below, I tried using the ' if data.status === 400 ' etc section from the blog's ajax sample without success.

And yes I am using the correct canonical createsend domain and account number, just changed them here for privacy.

Any ideas from the API gurus as to how I might get some success with the success?

$("#mlist2").click(function() {

var name = $("input#name1").val(),
    email = $("input#email1").val(),
    dataString = 'cm-name=' + name + '&cm-ptxxrr-ptxxrr=' + email;

    type: "POST",
    url: "http://myaccount.createsend.com/t/r/s/ptxxrr/?callback=?",
    data: dataString,
    success: function(data) { 
        $('#m-list').html("<div id='message'>Cool.</div>");
return false;

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