Displaying images in Gmail

New to CM and having a play with test emails. I have had a browse of the forums but can't see an answer to my problem.

Emails display fine in Outlook 2010 but in Gmail my security settings require me to "Display Images" or "Always display images from sales@catXXXX.co.uk" which is fine.

When I click "Always display images from sales@catXXXX.co.uk" the boxes appear where the images should be but no image loads.

I think the issue is that Gmail will accept images from catXXXX.co.uk but the image property is probably from the createsend3.com server so is not displaying.

Is there something I have done wrong to set up wht campaign template that I need to change?


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi CatGenie, this is a bit unusual. Could you kindly contact our team with campaign details, so we can see why this is happening for you? We'll happily look at the code and try and replicate this issue on our end.

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