Not a web designer?

Hi there, I am not a web designer but I am starting up a business the "e-newsletter" is one of the tools that I want to use.  Can I still use Campaign Monitor's templates and add my own text and pics or do I need a designer to do this for me? Thanks

redketchup, 9 years ago

You may want to look into MailBuild - it seems a little better suited to your needs. With Campaign Monitor you need to be able to edit html and upload files (which isn't too terribly difficult, but is more challenging than MailBuild's offering), while MailBuild allows you to do everything online in your web browser.

Of course, you'll be working with standard templates if you are unable to make customizations yourself or with a designer (such as including your logo, custom graphics, etc) - however, MailBuild does have a number of really nice templates to choose from. The other thing you may need help with is getting a subscription form on your website. Once again, this is relatively straightforward if you don't want to customize the look too much.

I'm sure there are lots of very qualified and professional designers that could add great value to your business in your area (or anywhere for that matter). If you decide you would like to enlist the help of a designer, I'd recommend finding a professional design association (AIGA in the US) and try to locate local designers. Or, feel free to contact my graphic and web design company. :)

Best of luck.

*by the way freshview team/CM users, if any of my information is incorrect, please feel free to correct me

BarbaraCAE, 9 years ago


As with carolgeld above, I'm new to the e-newsletter gig and while I have some comfort with writing in HTML, I"m not a web designer and my website management and other e-work is not my primary duty at my job (I'm sort of an "accidental techie", as they say).  Both Campaign Monitor and MailBuild appeal to me, in part because of the pay-as-you-go pricing and also the apparent ease of use.  I checked out MailBuild as redketchup recommended  for the templates, but it brought up another question--I'm not only the newsletter writer/designer, I'm also the client.  Both products are workable for people who do their email campaigns in-house, don't they?

Thanks for any advice.

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