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Hi Everyone.

I am having a huge problem with a campaign that I have created for one of my clients. She is testing it and when she clicks share on Twitter the link is coming up as:


She does not want my company in her newsletter when she shares it on Twitter or Facebook. When she clicks share, it should just come up with something like 'Mary would like to share her cool new newsletter with you'

Shortened link and no reference to the our branded campaign monitor.

Can anyone help me to figure out what is going on and if there is something I can do to fix this? I have a good few clients that are going to be doing newsletters and it would be important for all of them that they are sharing something that looks like its coming from their site and not my company.

Thanks for your help.


Stephen, 5 years ago

Hi Aileen,

Many thanks for your question however just to let you know, as per this post, because you have a custom domain set up on your account, then all your clients' links will point to your domain as a result; this is due to DNS requirements, so it's not currently possible to selectively choose where these links point at present.

Thank you for your request however, I'll be happy to add your vote for client-specific custom domains here, and hopefully this is something we can implement in a future update.

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