Personalising an email with a custom date - formatting help?

Hi all,

I'm setting up a new welcome email for customers who've bought a product from us. I want to use the custom field 'date purchased' to confirm the details the customer has registered (we do a warranty/repair service)

I'm using the tag [dateofpurchase, fallback=(date not provided)] to display it, which displays dates in the following format:

2012-03-06 00:00

My question is can adjust the email and/or the custom field to have it remove the timestamp, as we're only gathering the day not the time that the product was purchased?

Apols if this is a really obvious thing, I'm a novice at this and entirely self/google-taught!!

Thanks for your help!


davidaf davidaf, 5 years ago

HI Cat!

We normalize the date format on a date-based custom field so we can run date-based segment and autoresponder rules on the dates (such as xx days before, after, etc) which is why the format isn't customizable. To print a date in the format you like, at this time you'd need to have a text-based field with the Date in the format you want it printed in your email.

That being said, we have had requests for the ability to format the date-based custom fields in the tag, something like [datefieldname, DateFormat=DD/MM/YYYY] and I've added a vote for you in our system.

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catreenie, 5 years ago

OK thanks!
I'll add a second field for the date that's in text format and reimport my subscribers with a duplicate column, so I've got both options!

Thanks again.

venncreative, 5 years ago

really important - I would love that date reformatting option.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hey there venncreative, I just responded to your earlier post. I'll make sure this thread gets updated too if it's something we add :)

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asanger, 4 years ago

Sorry to bump such an old thread - I wanted to check and see if anything like this was ever implemented. My date field was formatted 1-Jan-2013. Campaign monitor normalized it properly, but in the individual's list it's formatted as 1 January 2013, while trying to add it to a template produces 2013-02-06. Is the only way to change the format still to store it as a text field in the desired format when uploading the list?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi asanger, we haven't yet changed how date custom fields are formatted in email newsletters, I'm sorry to say. As you mention, storing this date as a text field is an option for now, but understandably, this does remove a lot of the advantages of using a date-based custom field.

I'm happy to nudge this issue on your behalf, especially as we are planning to overhaul custom fields/segments in the future. Without a doubt, date handling is something I'd personally like to see improved.

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galway, 4 years ago

Any progress on this?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi galway, we haven't made any changes to how we display dates, I'm sorry to say. Happy to add your vote for this and we'll be updating this thread if we make any progress on this.

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martinbean martinbean, 3 years ago

This seems like a pretty sought-after feature, and I’d like to add a vote for this too.

A date like “2015-04-04”, it isn’t clear to the end user if it’s YYYY-MM-DD or YYYY-DD-MM.

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sarahatcopmi, 2 years ago

Hi guys,

Looks like it's some time since this was requested - are we any further into getting this update? Many thanks...

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