Customer support and ticketing systems... experiences?

Hi all,

A very free range one here, but I thought there might well be some opinions among you all!

We're at the point where our small customer service team can no longer use 'ordinary' email to manage support requests, and we're about to start a trial with FreshDesk.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience of this or similar platforms and any advice or suggestions for us...?

(We ruled out Zendesk as too expensive and OSTicket as too cumbersome to customise)


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hey there Cat! Off the bat, our team here at Campaign Monitor use HelpSpot ( It's great for managing email threads, assigning tasks and slipping in prepared responses.

There's loads of well-rounded and well-loved apps in this space, so I'll open this question to the floor. All the best finding a good support request app for your business!

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jessemillman, 5 years ago

Hi Cat,
We use the free software from spiceworks ( for our ticketing system.
it's not quite as powerful as helpspot, but covers has all the basics you'll need, and a really dedicated community to help you out with any custom stuff you want to set up. plus it has its own mobile apps which are pretty cool too!
I'd have to say the only issue with spiceworks is it requires windows to install - but that's about its only limitation :)

hope this helps!

catreenie, 5 years ago

Thanks guys!

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