Bounces to AOL and our client's internal addresses recently

We have a client that authenticates on CM's sending domain (as opposed to their own custom domain) for sends. Recently, they noticed bounces of preview messages to their own internal addresses (getting tagged as SPAM), and now all of a sudden they're noticing high amounts of AOL bounces.

DNS shouldn't be an issue, since they're sending 100% through CM's network and hostname, instead of their own. We send support requests to you a couple of weeks ago and nobody's replied to us yet...which isn't the level of support we've come to love with CM.

This has become an urgent matter for us. To the point they're considering leaving, and they currently send on your highest monthly plan. Don't lose them as a customer...please help! Reach out to me directly please and I'll give you the scoop on which client this is regarding, as I do not wish to publicize their name here in the forums.

Mathew Mathew, 5 years ago


Sorry to hear about your trouble. I've just searched our support system and I don't see any recent emails from your domain - we always reply to every email, so unfortunately it seems like it hasn't reached us. I will send you an email directly now - if it does not get to you soon please reply here.

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Carissa Carissa, 5 years ago


It was great that we could get a hold of you to get these issues resolved, thanks again for your patience with us!

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