How to import my unsubscribed contacts?

Hi everyone,

I exported my subscribers list yesterday in a .CSV format with ALL my contacts (active, deleted and unsubscribed).
Then I wanted to import it in another Campaign Monitor account. It worked BUT their status changed and all my subscribers are now active.
It's really embarrassing because I don't want to send e-mails again to subscribers who were unsubscribed...

How to import correctly all my contacts in such a way they'll keep their status?

Thanks a lot for your help.


JD JD, 5 years ago


You can add recipients to the Suppression List (the suppression list will store anyone who meets the following criteria: they unsubscribe, hard bounce, someone marks your emails as spam, or soft bounces for multiple campaigns) very easily. First though, lets fix your active list (the one you just imported). You'lll want to delete that list you just imported, so that you can then first add the unsubscribed recipients. Next, you'll want to have your .csv document open so that you can sort those unsubscribed recipients addresses. This makes it a snap to cut/paste those addresses into the Suppression List in your Campaign Monitor account, directly.

If you follow our help link below, this will explain a bit about how to access and add recipient addresses to the  Suppression list. You can go to your List and Subscribers page, click "Suppression List" at the bottom, and then cut/past those addresses directly from your .CSV into the application page

Once the Suppression list has been updated, when you then import your active list (.csv file), Campaign Monitor will automatically remove anyone who is on the Suppression List (so you do not accidentally send to those recipients). Thanks!

Campaign Monitor Support
VG, 5 years ago

thanks a lot for your help :-)

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