mailto: in hotmail being ignored??

hi, I have an email link in a HTML email mailto. For some reason the email is being ignored. Is there a special hack or does hotmail strictly forbid this code in HTML emails..

JD JD, 5 years ago


Unfortunately, the mailto: tag is a bit unreliable when the recipient doesn't have an email account configured with their default email client; ie: someone receiving the email at a Hotmail/Yahoo! account who hasn't set it up through Outlook or other email client won't be able to open a email client window and email you through that link. I first tested this with your campaign code in my personal account while sending it to my hotmail address. I was able to see the mailto: as a link in Hotmail, however, clicking the link to email did not work. I did not have my hotmail account setup on my personal machine with a default email client, so one did not open.

You might try sending a link to a contact form on your website within the campaign, so that recipients can click that and fill out a form their browser. This would still allow you to track those who clicked the link from within the campaign and give the ability to have recipients contact you that way. I hope that helps and please let me know if we can assist further. Thanks!

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