Field names and presentation order in preferences centre

1. I'm sensing that the Name field can't be renamed to First Name, so that if I want a First Name field I have to create it as a separate field, i.e. in addition to Name I have another field First Name?

2. In the preferences centre, fields names are presented in the order they were created. Can I reorder them? I want Last Name to appear straight after First Name and not way down the bottom after other fields.

Cheers, Mr Brown

Mr Brown, 5 years ago

I'm new here so I double-barrelled this to Support email too. Here is their response (very prompt!):

"Many thanks for your email however unfortunately the order in which fields appear in the Preference Center at present is based on their creation date in your account, so unfortunately it's not possible to re-order them at this time.

As such, I'm afraid the only way to achieve this at present is to delete all your existing custom fields, then re-add them again in the order you wish. Before doing this however, you'll just want to export your list first, including all custom field data, so you have this in your exported CSV file. You can then delete your existing custom fields, re-add the fields in the correct order, then re-imported your previously exported data back into your newly created fields.

It's also not possible to rename our default 'Name' field at this time, however you should be able to rename any custom fields you've created by clicking through to the custom fields in your list and choosing 'edit' next to their name in the list.

Thank you for your re-order suggestion however, it's a good idea, so I'd be happy to add your vote to this feature however (we keep track of all new feature requests from customers and add +1 to the vote tally for each feature whenever someone asks about it) so hopefully we can implement this in a future update."

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hello Mr Brown, a big welcome to the forums! Thank you so much for posting our response here, hopefully this will answer your questions for others, as well. Feel free to get in touch anytime :D

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