Push option to inform me of unsubscribes and bounces?

I want to keep my local database of users sync'd with my CampaignMonitor subscribers list. So it would be great if the API had an option to "push" out information on unsubscribes and bounces to a web page that I specify, which could then email me information on each one, for processing in my local database.

This does not appear to be an option in the current API, which all goes in the other direction (from me to CampaignMonitor). Am I missing something? Or is this an enhanced that has been or could be considered?

Currently I do this by periodically going to the lists of unsubscribed and bounced users, copying them off of the web page, and then processing what I copied to the clipboard via some code I wrote in my local users database application. But that's pretty clumsy (and breaks when you change the HTML behind those pages, which you recently did!).

eli, 5 years ago

Isn't that what Webhooks are for? http://www.campaignmonitor.com/api/webhooks/

DanCooperstock, 5 years ago

Yes, that's it. I hadn't see that. Thank you.

Dan Cooperstock

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